Colby Langham, Alabama

 I was searching podcast one day on a drive to or from work and come across the Habitat Podcast #166. So I start listening to this guest speaker they have on there for “Soil Health”.  I had always been curious about soil and how to grow better plots.  So this guys name was Al James. He starts expressing the advantages and disadvantages of no till drilling, which I thought was interesting. Talks about fertilizers in sandy soil, PH of Soil and the micro organisms that makes up healthier soil. Also what to plant to help make soil healthier. All these practices I’ve heard of at sometime or another but didn’t know a lot about it.  As a land owner I have real low PH for a pasture and we have Lease land here in Alabama that are really sandy soil. On this Podcast I hear Al talk about a Facebook forum we as land/lease owners can go to that helps people learn or ask questions for building better soils. A DO’S AND DONT’S for soil. I met him by leaving comment on his page on the podcast he had on there showing he was a guest speaker. It was the exact same one I listened too. I said I had just recently listened to the podcast and I thought he had a lot of good information about soil development and management. He replied right back and I had to ask the guy more so I private message him and was just asking random questions. Al had a great answer for everything I threw at him.  I told Al we were trying to develop better food plots and he asked what was my soils PH. I replied I didn’t know. He said go pull samples and I will go over them with you. I went out and got 30 plus soil samples to send off. We got the results back and I contacted Al and he went over some with me.  Very great information he gave me of why some stuff was a certain way in my soil.  The  reason I wanted to write this was Al was a total stranger to me but, was willing to educate me and has exceptional knowledge of soil management and built his own page to help others like me.  Takes special people to want to help others when they don’t have too.  Some people hold back some of their knowledge but Al never held anything back.  I appreciate him and who he is setting himself up to be.  He’s creating a lot of value as a person in this world.  So if u want to build better soil, I suggest u find his page on Facebook “Build Better Soil” and I’m sure you can contact him for more information and Guidance.  I appreciate who You are Al!  Wish u the best in life and God Bless! – Colby Langham, Alabama

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