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Albert & Jared

Albert (President and Founder) and Jared (VP and CO-Founder) have been friends for many years. The friendship was formed through a combined passion for wildlife and managing our farms, to enhance wildlife, soil, and timber value on each.


Jared created Habitat Podcast with the goal of educating himself and others on the many wonderful avenues there are to explore in the Habitat Management world. Albert was a guest on several occasions and grew extremely interested over the last several years in the inter-workings of soil.


After years of making our own mixes, reading, consulting with farmers, agronomists, and professors – it was clear the wildlife, hobby farm, to the gardening industry was missing something – simplicity.

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Albert and Jared set out to make a system of mixes that simplifies one’s ability to “build soil”. This is not a series of plow-downmixes or some fancy buck-on bag, special seed.

This is a series of well-balanced mixes that can be used synergistically and in succession to naturally break down and cycle nutrients. You don’t need 3-4 mixes a year, you don’t need expensive equipment, you don’t need a PHD to understand our system.

We set out to make a top-quality seed company, with a top-quality system, at a great value for our top-quality customer base.

Vitalize Seed Co. looks forward to helping you energize your soils!

Albert Tomechko
Albert Tomechko
Jared Van Hees
Jared Van Hees

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