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Benefits of the bacteria in the Spectrum+Myco and the Micro 5000
The PGPR we use are generalists. They will work with pretty much every plant. Also, they have a much wider diversity of functions beyond nitrogen fixation.
The nitrogen fixing organisms we use are free-living (live in the rhizosphere) and endophytic (live inside the tissue). Beyond n-fixation, we use phosphate solubilizers, abiotic stress mitigators, trace mineral mobilizers, phytohormone producers, and the list goes on.
Micro5000 is designed as a foliar application to be applied to the leaves. Some of the organisms are phyllosphere inhabitors that live and thrive on the leaves providing benefits on the leaf.
If used in the rhizosphere, the seaweed provides a wide variety of phytonutrients, trace minerals, phytohormones, vitamins, etc. All of these support plant and microbial growth and function as a biostimulant as well as a phytostimulant.
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