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Eric Jones, Michigan After listening to The Habitat Podcast where Al joined as a guest, I was really impressed by his deep knowledge of food plots, the biology behind them and his use of no till planting. As a result, I reached out to Al through Facebook to see if he could offer me any …

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Eric Jones, Michigan

Steven Ryle, Kentucky Al has helped me immensely with my goals to restore my farms soil health. This spring, I came to Al with one basic question, “how can I make my farm ground pretty and healthy again?”. Though I knew there is no magic pill answer to my question, I was looking for a …

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Steven Ryle, Kentucky

 I was searching podcast one day on a drive to or from work and come across the Habitat Podcast #166. So I start listening to this guest speaker they have on there for “Soil Health”.  I had always been curious about soil and how to grow better plots.  So this guys name was Al James. …

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Colby Langham, Alabama

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