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Spring / Summer Planting

  • Fixing Atmospheric N
  • Add diversity to your mixes
  • Browse tolerant species
  • Great for soil, bees, and bucks!
  • 30%+ more diversity than the closest competitor
  • Engineered Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio that naturally feeds the soil biology, that will in turn make nutrients available for your fall planting of Carbon Load will thrive!
02. Carbon Load

Fall Planting

  • Highly Diverse plant mix (grains, grasses, brassicas, legumes)
  • Browse tolerant
  • Winter Hardy
  • GREAT Tonnage
  • Thrives after planting of Nitro-Boost
  • Acts as weed barrier the following Spring
  • Greens up in Spring, immediately photosynthesizing – feeding...
Soil testing Kit
03. WARD Laboratories Test

Soil Test & Soil Health Assessment

  • Ward Laboratories, Inc. is now offering a new Soil Health Assessment (SHA) package. SHA uses the same biological indicator and nitrogen evaluation as other soil health analyses but has been expanded to use correlated and calibrated methods for other nutrients to improve fertility management and nutrient use efficiency.This test combines...
carbon load 23
All Natural Seed Armor + Innoculant
  • This product is used as an insurance policy to make sure you have the right bacteria in your soil for all Legumes and cover crop species. We further added our own touch with a  hunic based addition that aids in germination rate, root establishment and much more. This can be used with any seed on the market.
Vitalize Micros

A blend of organic sources of micronutrients!

Seed Feed
Seed Feed

Use as seed coating. Dust on seed and mix.

Fish Fertilizer + Humics

Enhance your foliar feed program with Vitalize Fish Fertilizer+humics.

Clover / Chicory + Oats

We Use Our Seed Mix To

Optimize Nutrient Cycling and Nutrient Sequestration,
leading to healthier soils!

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