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balanced carbon to nitrogen seed mixes and System

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Cycle plant nutrients the way nature intended

Food Plotters

Our mixes offer massive attraction, browse tolerance, and nutrient cycling reducing our grower’s reliance on inputs.


(Garden Cover Crops) : Allowing our growers to reduce soil erosion, sequester nutrients all winter, increase photosynthetic energy that feeds soil biology, and capture and fix nitrogen for next growing seasons crops.

Ag Producers

If you are interested in a custom mix, or one of our proven high diversity mixes that optimize nutrient contact us for bulk quoting options. Let us help you take advantage of what is already in your soil profile.

Vitalize Seed Co.

Our Mission

To give strength and energy to our soils through balanced carbon to nitrogen ratios via our diverse seed mixes. Our mixes focus on maximizing photosynthetic energy throughout 12 months of the year.


Vitalize Seed mixes enhance both above and below-ground biomass. This allows us to feed microbes, and have our mixes work synergistically off each other as a "One-Two System" which reduce our growers reliance on synthetic inputs. 

Vitalize Seed Co.

Our Vision

Vitalize seed has a vision of working with various users, ranging from food-plot farmers to gardeners to full-scale agricultural producers. We envision emphasizing the importance of continuing to educate ourselves and customers on the importance of maximizing photosynthetic energy capture 12 months out of the year. Our mixes will work to energize our soils without the continued reliance on synthetic inputs (fertilizers). We want to make it easy for our growers to comprehend how/why our system works.

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