The One-Two System

How Does it work?

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The One-Two System - Optimizing Nutrient Cycling!

We could reference various books written over the past decade on soil health and the science that follows. However, most folks today are busy and don't have time to sit down and read.


We at Vitalize Seed Co. understand this and wanted to create an opportunity to simplify the mixes and processes while still helping everything from soil to songbirds (yes, that includes big bucks too).


The system is simplified as follows:

Nitro Boost is a diverse mix with a specific C: N ratio, that is priming the soil biology for what is to come (Carbon Load). This mix will pump atmospheric N into our soils, and the thatch created by this system will break down just in time to plant Carbon Load and allow this fall plant to take full advantage of the bio-available nutrients!


Carbon Load has a higher carbon to nitrogen ratio. The mix is fantastic at sequestering nutrients in the soil through robust and diverse root systems.  This mix will create a great thatch that will act as a slow-release fertilizer the next Spring when Nitro Load is planted directly into where the Carbon Load was previously grown. This process allows us to take full advantage of nutrient cycling and sequestration!


It is that simple! We have done all the leg work for you! We have balanced the mixes, made it attractive to wildlife, created diversity in root structure and exudates.

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Now all you have to do is plant Nitro-Boost in the Spring and Carbon-Load in the fall. Then step back and let the soil work for you! This process can and will reduce our reliance on synthetic inputs – fertilizers.


The Vitalize Difference?

Here at Vitalize Seed Co. our goal is to bring to market a company based on transparency, quality, expertise, and simplicity from a soil building process perspective.

After years of speaking to thousands of people about their soils, goals, and down-right confusion about previously learned information- it was apparent there was a clearer and easier way. 

Vitalize Seed set out to provide a top-quality, premium product that allows our customers to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. Our seed mixes are highly diverse with well-balanced C: N (carbon to nitrogen) ratios that allow for optimized nutrient cycling. Vitalize Seed Co. mixes further benefit each other when planted in succession, further taking advantage of nutrient cycling, balanced C: N, and reducing the need for synthetic inputs.

We set out to find key partners here at Vitalize Seed Co. We are not partnering with just anyone. We are partnering with key distributors who understand our One-Two system for soil-building. Our partners go through webinars with the owners of Vitalize Seed Co. and additional experts from the field, ranging from farmers to gardeners to food plotters.

This allows our team to stay up to date on the latest research and information about soil health. Not only do we offer our customers a valuable, high quality, no filler product – this allows for an unmatched buying experience.

When you buy from a Vitalize Seed Co. distributor, you will leave feeling confident in your planting methods, processes, and the whys/how’s behind building soil health and growing a healthier Garden crop to the wildlife population on your farm.

Thank you for the opportunity for a chance at your business.

Sincerely -

Albert and Jared

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