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  1. WB

    I’m still missing one box of seed, I received two box’s last week… I figured I’d wait and see if it would show up.


I ordered an acre of the nitro boost seed with plans to follow up with the carbon load on one of the 3 food plots at my house.  I sent a message to Albert to ask about advise on my soil sample prior to planting the nitro boost.  Not only did he provide a much more detailed response via email than I expected for the plot where I am planting the nitro boost, but he also gave me recommendations for the other two plots that I am using products from other companies. The email contained several paragraphs on the good/bad of my soil conditions and included recommendations on how I can amend the conditions thru the use of liquid fertilizer and lime.  He even sent me several links to websites with the products he recommended. In addition, he told me to call him if I had any additional questions.
I took him up on his offer for the phone call as I needed him to "dumb down" some of the information from the email.  After a 30 minute phone call, I have a great understanding of not only what I need to do to amend my soil, but also how the amendments are going to play a part in building better food plots. We also spoke at length on my options for planting procedures to maximize both food plot growth as well as soil health.
When I ordered the Vitalize product I was skeptical of their system.  After communicating with Albert via email and phone conversations I have zero doubt that their product will do everything they advertise and more.  I have been fortunate to talk to a few people in different fields that are absolute experts in their field.  I am 100% sure that Albert is one of those experts.  He has a customer for life.
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge,
Jon Johnson
Muskegon, MI

"From one small business owner to another, I really like and appreciate what you guys are doing with these mixes, and from last year I know first hand the quality and attractiveness of them. As a farmer, land owner, hunter, and aspiring conservationist I feel the products and education you're providing are "vital" for our landscapes now and in the future."

-Dan Taylor, Farmer, Michigan

Big shout out to Albert and his team @ https://vitalizeseed.com/

They do not push their product on you, they just steer you in the right direction. We have been trying food plots in the upper peninsula of Michigan for about six years. Our first two years we did great with just a ATV and old bed spring for a drag. The trouble began when we got a tractor, disc, mop mower and other toys. We weren’t knowledgeable enough to know we were turning up to much soil and burying the important stuff, over fertilizing also. We just made it to complicated.

After many back and forth with Albert and our questions answered we ordered Nitro Boost spring/summer and Tainio Natural Amendments. Ordered Monday and arrived Thursday. We cant wait to get started.

PS: Anyone want to by a Mahindra tractor and attachments. HAHAHA


Andy & Tony Muzik

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