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1/2 Acre = $75  $69.99

1 Acre = $150  $130


Ships in 1-2 days M-F

Now includes Seed Armr+ inside the bag of seed

***check your state laws on the use of Sunn Hemp.  Laws regarding the use of Sunn Hemp vary from state to state.
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45lbs per acre

What’s in Nitro-Boost-

• Spring Barley
• Forage Peas
• Soybeans
• Eagle Beans
• Cow Peas
• Sunn Hemp
• Buckwheat
• LabLab
• American Joint Vetch
• Sunflowers
• Hybrid Sorghum
• Crimson Clover
• Forage Rape
• Sudan

*Broadcast – increase by 5%-20% – depending on the thatch layer you are broadcasting into. Less thatch, you will likely need slightly more seed. Note, we have small and large seeds in this mix – intentionally to increase our success for all planting methods.

Planting Instructions



The name says it all! This is a mix of legumes, brassicas, grasses and broadleaves. With a lower Carbon to Nitrogen ratio – this mix is meant to load up your soil with Nitrogen and other nutrients (sequestered through microbes’ effectiveness) that will break down rapidly, through natural biological processes.

We will follow Nitro-Boost with a planting of Carbon-Load. These systems (Nitro-Boost followed by Carbon-Load) will act as a great one-two punch that will feed wildlife and our soils 12 months a year, and use biological breakdown of balanced systems to feed our subsequent plantings.

This mix will produce great below ground biomass, sequester atmospheric N, have fantastic root diversity, be easy to grow through various methods, and be highly attractive for bees to bucks. We have created this mix to be densely grown at 45lbs to the acre, to further enhance our ability to maximize photosynthetic capture and root exudation (feeding microbes).

Bag Size

1/2 acre, 1 acre, 1 1/2 acre, 2 acres, 2 1/2 acres, 3 acres, 3 1/2 acres, 4 acres, 4 1/2 acres, 5 acres, 5 1/2 acres, 6 acres, 6 1/2 acres, 7 acres, 7 1/2 acres, 8 acres, 8 1/2 acres, 9 acres, 9 1/2 acres, 10 acres

73 reviews for Nitro Boost

  1. Kody H. (Verified Customer)

    Great product from a great company with great people!

  2. Justin Schmidt (Verified Customer)

    Customer service was definitely 5 stars. Super fast turn around and shipping. I can’t wait to paint this spring!

  3. Justin Schmidt (Verified Customer)

    Customer service was definitely 5 stars. Super fast turn around and shipping. I can’t wait to paint this spring!

  4. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Will be planting this spring but received shipping notice, received my seed in a timely manner and appreciated the planting sheet directions!

  5. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  6. Eric Abernathy (Verified Customer)

    My seed for 8 acres was delivered last week. I’m very excited to give this system a try with my no-till drill. Excellent customer service and a message from the company immediately after the order. Al even reached out to see if I had any questions. Thank you again, and I’m spreading the word in north central PA and the Finger Lake region of NY.

  7. Chris Dishman (Verified Customer)

  8. Dan HUHN (Verified Customer)

  9. Paul (Verified Customer)

  10. harry v. (Verified Customer)

  11. Chris H. (Verified Customer)

  12. Ben Deslatte (Verified Customer)

  13. Daniel T. (Verified Customer)

  14. John K. (Verified Customer)

  15. Jason (Verified Customer)

    Quality seed, fast shipping.

  16. Andrew A. (Verified Customer)

    Customer service was phenomenal! Very personable and quick. Highly recommend!

  17. Daniel (Verified Customer)

    Can’t say enough good things about vitalize seed company. Their customer support is beyond awesome. Al is an awesome person to talk to. He and I have spoken on many occasions, as I have a ton of questions about how to get the most of the process and ensuring I take the right steps. He took the time to answer every question, every time I called or texted, and went above and beyond. He even analyzed my soil tests for me. The nitro blend speaks for itself with the seed variety and soil benefits. Can’t wait to plant and see the results. I also received my shipment of seed 2 days after I placed my order.

  18. Steve S. (Verified Customer)

    Something went awry with the UPS delivery of my NitroBoost order. Vitalize Seed contacted me preemptively when it was noticed UPS may not have made the delivery as anticipated. A second shipment was sent and was successfully delivered in very short order after that.

    Great customer service goes a long way in solidifying relationships with customers. Thank you very much, Albert!

  19. Bryan M. (Verified Customer)

    Prompt shipping

  20. Joseph Burke (Verified Customer)

    Fantastic Compay to deal with, that also produces a great product….The interactions with you guys in regards to customer service and advice is some of the best I have encountered. Keep up the great work

  21. Jared Nelson (Verified Customer)

    Haven’t planted yet but customer service has been top notch so far!

  22. SAM CARROZZA (Verified Customer)

    You guys are

  23. Jake G. (Verified Customer)

    Seed arrived on time and in excellent condition.

  24. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Received very fast. Waiting for warmer temperature to plant.

  25. Brian S. (Verified Customer)

    Very fast shipping!

  26. Dennis (Verified Customer)

    My order was shipped and delivered in a matter of days right before a big rain event in April, I broadcast the seed Thursday and peas were sprouting by Saturday. Looking good so far.

  27. Joseph Burke (Verified Customer)

  28. Larry Y. (Verified Customer)

  29. Alexander H. (Verified Customer)

    Haven’t tried this product yet, however, I can state that this company has a 5 star service! I wasn’t sure what kind of product to pick and how to work it in. They were super fast to respond and guide me through it! I sent many follow up questions and all of them were answered on a dime! I will def come back for part 2 in the fall. Highly recommend this fine company and their product.

  30. Branden Mcdowell (Verified Customer)

    Super fast shipping, solid packaging. Can’t wait to get it in the soil next week!

  31. george atwell (Verified Customer)

  32. scott l. (Verified Customer)

    Super quick processing order and shipped.
    Looking forward to putting seed on the ground.

  33. Jared Nadeau (Verified Customer)

    Seed came quick! Can’t wait to plant it again for this season!

  34. Toby Powell (Verified Customer)

  35. Eric Stevens (Verified Customer)

  36. Ian Taylor (Verified Customer)

  37. Lucas Bierman (Verified Customer)

    Very quick on delivery I planted today can’t wait to see the results

  38. Theodore Winnen (Verified Customer)

  39. Terry (Verified Customer)

    Very helpful and quick responses to all the questions I had. Fast shipping, very pleased!

  40. Daron Foster (Verified Customer)

    Very knowledgeable staff and outstanding customer service! Shipping was very fast and I couldn’t be happier with the product.

  41. David Flippo (Verified Customer)

    Great seed, great company

  42. Andy Muzik (Verified Customer)

    Great company to work with. Quick response, no pressure.

  43. Westin Baker (Verified Customer)

    I’m still missing one box of seed, I received two box’s last week… I figured I’d wait and see if it would show up.

  44. Jason Hardy (Verified Customer)

    Product arrived within 48 hours of placing my order!

  45. Dillan Major (Verified Customer)

    I’ve had a great pleasure dealing with Al at vitalize seed. I ordered my seed on a Sunday and sent him a message on fb with a question. He messaged back promptly Monday morning and shipped my seed the same day. It arrived on Tuesday and was in the ground by Thursday. Now just have to wait and see how Mother Nature treats it this year.

  46. Shonna (Verified Customer)

    Great addition to our food plots.. the deer luv it..

  47. Lawrence (Verified Customer)

    Great product and great customer service

  48. Cole H. (Verified Customer)

    Just got the seed yesterday. Once orders were processed the seed shipped quickly. But too early to plant, once planted and see the germ rate i will be able to elaborate further but so far happy with my experience. Only doing 4/5 right now but check back after planting!

  49. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    We luv this seed mix.. we’re trying to bring deer back to our area.. this works well, we’re seeing more and more…

  50. Thomas G. (Verified Customer)

    First year trying the 1,2 system can’t wait to see the results from soil building to year round food

  51. Nathan Cressman (Verified Customer)

    Very helpful and full of knowledge. Easy to talk with and understand. Looking forward to planting nitro boost and see how the deer react to it.

  52. Peter Z. (Verified Customer)

  53. Gerald Beckman (Verified Customer)

    Shipping and tracking updates via email would be great.

  54. Shawn Umland (Verified Customer)

    Working with your sales team was a great experience. I’m looking forward to see the results of the seed blend, and I hope you send me a survey in fall to see how pleased I was with it.

  55. Ron Coleman (Verified Customer)

  56. Stacey N. (Verified Customer)

    Al and the Vitalize Seed Company are amazing. Second year using their seed blends.

  57. Jeff Rowen (Verified Customer)

    Easy to navigate website and the seed arrived in a timely manner. This is my second year using vitalize seed with it being my nicest food plots I’m looking forward to this year.

  58. Trevor Luce (Verified Customer)

    Super fast delivery. Can’t wait to get the seed in the ground!

  59. Eric Stevens (Verified Customer)

    Always happy, love this company and its products

  60. Craig Smyly (Verified Customer)

  61. Brad Bowden (Verified Customer)

    I received the order quickly and customer service was great. Haven’t had chance to see how the seeds produce yet but broadcast them and got about 2” of rain the next day, so optimistic that it makes good crop

  62. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  63. Rich Markules (Verified Customer)

    Rich Markules

  64. Lawrence (Verified Customer)

    Love the product and the customer service

  65. bill friedrich (Verified Customer)

  66. Corey H. (Verified Customer)

    Great company with solid dudes giving solid information can’t wait to get it in the ground

  67. Richard Cote (Verified Customer)

    Great support and delivery.

  68. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  69. Randy K. (Verified Customer)

    Ordered 15 acres worth and it came a few days later. Still about 3 weeks out to be frost free in northern MI for planting.

  70. casey tolzin (Verified Customer)

    Great job

  71. Jon Henry (Verified Customer)

    the seeds came as promised, and met expectations in delivery. Have not seen seeds sprouting yet, but anticipate success. Only suggestion would be that the communications during the order process could be more clear around order receipt, shipping tracking, etc.

  72. Dean Bivens (Verified Customer)

    Second season of the nitro boost can’t wait to see the difference in growth this season

  73. Nicholas S. (Verified Customer)

    By far the best customer service I have ever experienced.

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