Carbon Load


22.5 lb. Bag = 1/2 acre

What is in Carbon Load:

• Fall Triticale • Winter Wheat • Rye Grain
• Oats • Winter Peas • Buckwheat
• Hairy Vetch • Crimson Clover • Chicory
• Berseem Clover • Fixation • Radish
• Winfred Forage Brassicas • Purple Tot • Barkant Turnip
• Pasja

45lbs per acre

*Broadcast – increase by 5%-20% – depending on the thatch layer you are broadcasting into. Less thatch, you will likely need slightly more seed. Note, we have small and large seeds in this mix – intentionally to increase our success for all planting methods.

Planting Instructions


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Welcome the thatch creator. Often times the best plantings start off in the fall. We have created this high carbon to nitrogen planting to follow our Nitro-Boost! Carbon load is made up of a higher C:N ratio to help us create and carry that thatch through the following Spring.

This thatch acts as a weed barrier, slow-release fertilizer (from the nutrients the plants sequestered during the growing season), and increases the efficacy of moisture retention.

Carbon load is not just high carbon to nitrogen plants, this is a very diverse mix of 14+ species. We have balanced our mix, exactly to meet our needs and take advantage of the free N that we have scavenged and fixed from our Nitro-Boost planting. By planting Nitro-Boost and Carbon load in subsequent plantings we are increasing the likelihood of soil aggregation forming, as well as increasing our soil microbe populations. As we increase our fungal and biological populations in the soil, through natural diverse mixes like Nitro-Boost and Carbon Load – we further impact the efficacy of our soils potential and highly reduce our need, if not eliminate our need for synthetic fertilizers.

Carbon Load is a fantastic mix that will feed microbes to deer all year round. We strongly suggest following Carbon Load in the Spring with Nitro-Boost to further energize our soils. However, Carbon load is such a well-rounded mix – it can be planted in the fall and left to grow until the next fall when spraying, mowing or crimping can terminate the crop. If performing the latter – just be cognizant of Turkey and fawns laying in it as it matures, and it will head out at over 5ft tall and be a thick area for bedding and eating.

Bag Size

1/2 acre, 1 acre, 1 1/2 acre, 2 acres, 2 1/2 acres, 3 acres, 3 1/2 acres, 4 acres, 4 1/2 acres, 5 acres, 5 1/2 acres, 6 acres, 6 1/2 acres, 7 acres, 7 1/2 acres, 8 acres, 8 1/2 acres, 9 acres, 9 1/2 acres, 10 acres

14 reviews for Carbon Load

  1. James Bolton (Verified Customer)

  2. Joshua J Parks (Verified Customer)

  3. travis aasen (Verified Customer)

    Too early to tell how the seed will do(I will also play a part in that – LOL), but Fast shipment and packed well. Looking forward to planting in Northern WI in a few weeks.

  4. Doug D. (Verified Customer)

    I live in Canada, Al and the company went above and beyond.

  5. Marlin Miller (Verified Customer)

  6. Jason (Verified Customer)

    Fast shipping and great quality seed, the perfect mix for a solid fall plot.

  7. Marl Garlock (Verified Customer)

  8. Rob VanderVennen (Verified Customer)

  9. Dean B. (Verified Customer)

    Looking forward to planting this product and to follow it up with the nitro boost in the spring thanks again guys

  10. Daniel Taylor (Verified Customer)

  11. Scott (Verified Customer)

    Arrived quickly and got it planted. We’ll see how it grows.

  12. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Great seed blend utilizing knowledge of soil health and palatability.

  13. Leigh E. (Verified Customer)

    Incredible customer service!

  14. Dan U. (Verified Customer)

    Above and beyond service!
    Just need more rain now.

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