All Natural Seed Armor + Innoculant

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This product is used as an insurance policy to make sure you have the right bacteria in your soil for all Legumes and cover crop species. We further added our own touch with a  hunic based addition that aids in germination rate, root establishment and much more. This can be used with any seed on the market.

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4 reviews for All Natural Seed Armor + Innoculant

  1. Marc Shafer (Verified Customer)

  2. Marc Shafer (Verified Customer)

  3. Dave Hoy (Verified Customer)

  4. Jared Havens (Verified Customer)

    So far, the 5 stars are for the incredibly fast shipping and above and beyond personal customer service! That means alot!

    I haven’t gotten anything in the ground yet, but with my soil in Northern Michigan, I need all the help I can get. This has the potential to be a great product, and with all the knowledge these guys have, I’m sure it’ll give me and my seed the best chance for success. I hope to update you with pictures when it’s a lush plot. Happy hunting and good luck this fall!

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All Natural Seed Armor + Innoculant