Seed Armor + Innoculant

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***Might be a little dusty, please wear a mask.***

This product is an insurance policy to ensure you have the right bacteria in your soil for all Legumes and cover crop species. We added our touch with a humic-based addition that aids in germination rate, root establishment and much more. This can be used with any seed on the market.

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4 reviews for Seed Armor + Innoculant

  1. Marc Shafer (Verified Customer)

  2. Marc Shafer (Verified Customer)

  3. Dave Hoy (Verified Customer)

  4. Jared Havens (Verified Customer)

    So far, the 5 stars are for the incredibly fast shipping and above and beyond personal customer service! That means alot!

    I haven’t gotten anything in the ground yet, but with my soil in Northern Michigan, I need all the help I can get. This has the potential to be a great product, and with all the knowledge these guys have, I’m sure it’ll give me and my seed the best chance for success. I hope to update you with pictures when it’s a lush plot. Happy hunting and good luck this fall!

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Seed Armor + Innoculant