Fish Fertilizer + Humics



Vitalize Fish Fertilizer + Humics 

2 – 2 – 4 + Humics & Micros

Enhance your foliar feed program with the all-natural Vitalize Fish Fertilizer+humics. We have been testing this for a while now and we have seen GREAT crop responses every time it is applied. Fish Fertilizer is a natural fertilizer source that is very nutrient-rich. These nutrients not only cover the macros (NPK) but also secondary nutrients and even amino acids which are the building blocks for proteins. As we feed the plants, we also provide them with the necessary building blocks to help enzyme production and enhance plant stress resilience.

We added humic acid to help in nutrient uptake and nutrient stability in the soil profile. Fish and Humics also help in stimulating microbial activity (which aids in making phosphorus and micronutrients that are already in the soil available as plant food), which will also further drive nutrient cycling and residue management – further optimizing the crop’s health. Both are derived from sustainable and renewable resources, and we are proud to offer this unique product to our offering.

Sold in 1 Gallon Jugs

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How to use:

1.     Use 4-6 oz per gallon of water.

2.     Apply in the early morning or evening – try to avoid applying in the day’s heat.

3.     Mix well in a tank or bucket before applying.

4.     Apply as a foliar to the plants or as a soil drench pre/post plant.

5.     For Food plots/Ag fields, we recommend one to two times per crop growing season to boost the plants, when needed.

6.     For Gardens, Fruit Trees, etc. you can apply up to 2 times per week, as you see fit.


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Fish Fertilizer + Humics