Soil Health Friday – WHY DOES IT MATTER?

When speaking about soils and sharing how they function, it is always amazing how the conversation will take one of two directions.

The first is full of optimism and excitement, wanting to learn more and more about nutrient cycling and soil development.

The second is typically more pessimistic, often followed by an attempt to dilute the importance and significance of understanding the science behind soil health.

Obviously, with the first bullet, I couldn’t enjoy those dialogs more. I have had many wonderful discussions with customers and non about how they can make a change on their property. Not only to offer higher quality food but also to reduce their input costs through sound soil management practices.

The latter in the list is more concerning. Not because it’s taking a shot at me or Vitalize Seed (that’s unavoidable) but more so the fact that we as hunters and outdoorsmen will dilute the importance of learning!

My opinion is that soil health is extremely important. Just as I think timber stand improvement is critical, whitetail anatomy, etc. I believe we as hunters and conservationists must continue to educate ourselves in all aspects of property management, and yes – some of this information will be different than what we once thought to be true. Now, I realize we can’t devote the same level of energy to every topic, but let’s use each other as a resource to continue to learn.

I am a firm believer in leaving my farm far better than I found it. From timber to earthworms, I want the soil and animals symbiotically working together.

When I am gone, no one will care about my rifles or bow except maybe my family and even that is for a finite period.

However, that soil and timber will live on. It will live on for generations. Someday many moons from now, someone will sink a shovel into that soil and wonder “what was here before for it to be so rich in color” only to then walk over and take a break under a majestic white oak in well-managed and harvested Appalachian Forest.

So, to me when people say – why does it matter? It matters because conservation matters. Learning matters. Leaving it better than we found it matters. Reducing our inputs and growing better quality food matters!

Whether you use Vitalize Seed or another company. I hope you consider why managing soil health matters on your farm.

Thank you for considering us as your seed source.

Sincerely –


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